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"...of this day" Single
"After Some Piano Liaisons i ii iii" Single
"alice's house" Single
"black velvet elvis" Single
"brainflushprotocol" Single
"'Call Lee' Ante" Single
"Can I Fly Away w/U?" Single
"Cancer" Single
"Da Hark-Side of the Mune" Single
"dearborn" Single
"duophonix/strumbleskillstand" Single
"Enter Mission: D.E.A. Dass" Single
"erase the load" Single
"eyes say (people talk)" Single
"filomine" Single
"Gleeful Idiocy" Single
"Happened to Happen to Happen" Single
"How Long is Wrong?" Single
"i love polyester" Single
"I'm Faithful" Single
"I'm the One" Single
"In Time" Single
"is something wrong with it?" Single
"Let's Just Get Along" Single
"Lies" Single
"lip service" Single
"Lullaby 4 Ourmasaandni Ceorahles" Single
"malabala" Single
"meautresycul" Single
"men in martian ice" Single
"me's a crowd" Single
"Mississippi Moonpie" Single
"my brain is a fat man" Single
"ophdisbigblughmuhsheen" Single
"potuvitzit" Single
"Setting A-SIDes" Single
"Settled and Due" Single
"SIDon S'on the Map" Single
"strange sounds from behind my eyes" Single
"Tempted and Tested" Single
"That Said..." Single
"What's It Gonna Take" Single
"wynoino" Single
(Hot) S(un in the F)ummertime
(Is It You) Who Will Rescue Me?
Analogue Monster
Dis'd Torn Shun'd
Elephant's Room
Feade Joe Daddy Long Legz
Feel Better (Comfort Song)
Jr. Analogue Monster CD
Jr. Hyso Trooper
Junior Analogue Monster CD Download
Keep Wonder In
Last Stop Su's
Lil' Missed Sonshine of the Spot...Less Mine
LoRBic's Tin Stand
Nacho Man
Please Don't Harmonica
Please Don't Harmonica CD Download
Poptrunk Roquey
Quiet Lessons
Rhodes Trip
So Feelin' Better...Thankx (Every Engine's Hummin')
Space Roaches Eat the Greenies
Startin' Over
The Mne-Pi Parables CD
The Mne-Pi Parables CD Download
The Mne-Pi Parables Download Card
The Mne-Pi Parables T-Shirt
The Men In Martian Ice CD
The Men In Martian Ice CD Download
TM-PP Cast Poster
Too N-Fidgety and Beyoung
We Know What to Do
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